Tonight, my special guest is author G. Michael Vasey to discuss why the Czech Republic might be the most haunted country in the world.




Your guidebook to the creepy and mysterious side of Czechia! Discover the cheeky ghosts of Prague, the location of the mysterious gate to Hell, creepy haunted forests, rumors of vampires and the undead, abandoned cemeteries now used for satanic rituals in the dead of night, strange and mysterious imps and elves, and much more. Includes...


The Origins of a Nation

Říp and Čech

Přemysl and Libuše

Hormír and his Talking Horse

The Naming of Smíchov

Prague Ghost Stories

The Ghosts of 27 noblemen

The Prague Golem


Knight Templar

Dalibor The Violin Player

The Repentant Priest

One-Armed Robber

St. John of Nepomuk


The French Soldier

The Turk

The Fires of Petřin Hill

The Miller’s Daughter

The Fish Eater

Vincenc The Skeleton

The Mad Barber

The Haunted Hotel

Other Locations

The white Lady

The Tragedy of Fairytale

A Czech Vampire and the Czech Undead

Velhartice Cemetery

Amerika Quarry

Ostrov Castle

Castle Divci Hrad

Sirotci Hradek

Creepy Places

Branišovskÿ Forest

A Gate To Hell? – Houska Castle

Zvikov Castle

Kutná Hora

Brno Ossuary

The Capuchin Crypt

Faust House, Prague

Veveří Castle and The Templar’s Treasure

Vyšehrad Cemetery

The Ghost Of Baron Trenck

The Child with The Bell

The Brno Labyrinth

Nedamov v Dubé Poltergeist

Boletice Cemetery

You can’t take it with you… can you?

Bohnický hřbitov

The Devil’s Bible

The Black Ambulance

Roadside Shrines

John Dee & Edward Kelly – Alchemists at The Court of Rudolf

Frantisek Bardon – The Czech Master Magician

Bÿčí Skála

The Church of Nine Ghosts


The Czech Republic is a country replete with ghosts and myths, haunted and mysterious places, and strange pagan customs.


If you plan to visit the Czech Republic - here is your guide to the supernatural side of the country! Discover the ghosts and haunted places of the Czech Republic.



  • Zvíkov Castle: Until 1597 there are stories about a Zvíkovský Rarášek (Rarach is a supernatural being common in Slavic folklore, similar to an imp or trickster) which haunts people in the ancient tower, Markomanka. This tower has stones engraved with unknown symbols, and was built during the Marcomanni rule over Bohemia, in the 1st century BC and 2nd century AD. It was integrated into Zvíkov castle hundreds of years later. Strange events occur here frequently, including weird photos, technical problems, unpredictable behaviour of animals, spontaneous extinguishing of fires, electromagnetic anomalies, and the presence of ghosts. In Czech media it's a popular subject of investigation. Other areas of the castle are also haunted; it is said to be dangerous to sleep in the main tower, as anyone who does supposedly dies within a year. Another monster common in Czech culture, fire hounds are also part of the myths surrounding the castle. It is said that these spectral dogs (in some accounts they are depicted with burning eyes) are guarding a hidden tunnel underneath Zvíkov.[27][28][29][30][31][excessive citations]



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