Tonight, my special guest is Father Michael Maginot who's sits down to discuss the truly frightening demonic possession of a mother and her children. Witnesses said of the children walked up a wall right in front of hospital staff which prompted the call to Father Maginot. The case occurred in Illinois and made worldwide headlines.


In Catholicism, exorcisms are performed in the name of Jesus Christ.[9] A similar practice is deliverance ministry. The distinction between deliverance ministry and exorcism is that exorcism is conducted by priests given special permission from the Catholic church, while deliverance ministry is prayer for people who are distressed and wish to heal emotional wounds, including those purportedly caused by evil spirits.[10]

The statue of Saint Philip of Agirawith the Gospel in his left hand, the symbol of the exorcists, in the May celebrations in his honor at Limina, Sicily.

The Catholic rite for a formal exorcism, called a "Major Exorcism", is given in Section 11 of the Rituale Romanum.[11][12] The Ritual lists guidelines for conducting an exorcism, and for determining when a formal exorcism is required.[13] Priests are instructed to carefully determine that the nature of the condition is not actually a psychological or physical illness before proceeding.[9]

In Catholic practice, the person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist, is an ordained priest. The exorcist recites prayers according to the rubrics of the rite, and may make use of religious materials such as icons, sacramentals, and relics. The exorcist invokes God—specifically the Name of Jesus Christ—as well as members of the Church Triumphant and the Archangel Michael to intervene with the exorcism. According to Catholic understanding, several weekly exorcisms over many years are sometimes required to expel a deeply entrenched demon.[13][14]

Saint Michael's Prayer against Satan and the Rebellious Angels, attributed to Pope Leo XIII, is considered the strongest prayer of the Catholic Church against cases of diabolic possession.[15] The Holy Rosary also has an exorcistic and intercessory power.[citation needed]

Holy water is a common Aid for exorcisms. Its use belongs to the Prayer to St. Michael.



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