Special guest is author L. Sydney Fisher who's here to discuss the true story of college students that suffered dearly after playing with an Ouija board. Get her book 'The Devil's Board'.







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Now an Amazon #1 Bestseller inspired by TRUE EVENTS.


On an American college campus in 1987, three students began playing a seemingly innocent game of contacting the dead. Word spread fast around campus and curiosity grew, expanding the group to more than forty people. Spirits were summoned almost daily, and the dark world's influence began to take its toll as one student fell gravely ill and relationships began to crumble. Months later, the dead would be resurrected, and this time there would be Hell to pay.


This is their story...

Rachel Thomas was more than happy to leave the haunted house she had lived in for the last decade. She had every reason to be excited about her future as a college freshman entering Riverside Community College. But she had no way of knowing that she would find herself in the terrifying grips of the paranormal again when her new roommate, Josie Norton and her friends began using the Ouija Board.


In spite of Rachel's reluctance to join the group's nocturnal ritual of contacting the dead, she finds herself sucked into the drama and a witness to the spirit's malevolent nature as strange phenomena begins happening. Weeks turn into months as Amber Simmons becomes obsessed with the game and her "ghost" friend who assumes the identity of a human being now in the afterlife. As the malevolent spirit continues to control and manipulate Amber, the close-knit friends are terrorized until the Ouija spirit makes one final show of force determined to kill them all!


Note from the author: The Devil's Board is based on true events that happened in the Fall/Spring year of 1987-88. The college campus is located in small town, USA. To this day, the story of Ryan Banks still remains a haunting mystery.


All names and locations have been changed to protect the privacy of the institution and the characters of the story. Some parts of The Devil's Board have been dramatized for the sake of storytelling.