Tonight, my special guest is New York best-selling author Mike Rothmiller who's here to discuss his book Secrets, Lies and Deception.


This book was featured on Fox News. Did President Clinton know the 9-11 attack was coming? After reading this book, many will conclude he did. If you don't believe in government conspiracies, this book will change you forever. Throughout the book, the governments own top-secret documents details their conspiracies to commit assassinations and much more. New York Times Bestselling author and former LAPD Intelligence Detective Mike Rothmiller has spent decades painstakingly scouring various governmental archives in the United States and England to obtain these shocking and sometimes appalling pieces of history which are virtually unknown to the masses. When his analysis is combined with these formerly top-secret documents the book presents a startling, eye-opening encyclopedia of secrets, lies and deception carried out at the highest levels of government. Here’s a small sample of what is disclosed in this book: Did you know there are top-secret telephone transcripts of President Bill Clinton discussing Iraq’s WMDs and Usama bin Laden’s planned attacks on the United States years before 9/11 occurred? Did you know about the CIAs top-secret search for Noah’s Ark? Do you know what Hitler’s bizarre sexual practices were? Did you know about the plot to assassinate the President of Mexico? Did you know that President Abraham Lincoln had a gay lover? Did you know that within hours of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, President Lyndon Johnson and others were secretly conspiring to dictate the outcome of the official investigation before it started? Did you know of the multi-nation assassination team which murdered people in Washington DC? Or, that the Vietnam War was waged for the prestige and influence of the president and the CIA never believed the war could be won? How about the top-secret plan to use nuclear bombs in Vietnam? Did you know that nuclear bombs have been lost? Did you know that the CIA stole a Soviet satellite for examination and the Soviets never knew? And, the Top-Secret 9/11 commission 28 page document implicating Saudi government officials in the attack. And never before revealed is the shocking conspiracy involving the DEA, FBI, DOJ, CIA and Dept. of State to ignore the United States federal indictment of a major Mexican cocaine trafficker and allow him to freely travel throughout the United States and continue his smuggling operation. 


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