My special guest tonight is Casper Stith who's here to discuss how Satan is an enslavement program encasing mankind in an artificial reality. Get his book on Amazon.



Book Intro:

When you gaze into an abyss for long enough, the abyss gazes back at you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche SATAN IS REAL While everyone has heard of Satan, few truly understand the facts behind this enigmatic figure. Have you ever wondered why human history is marred with suffering, murder, and hatred? Do you think that the evil throughout the world is simply a result of human nature, or could there be a tangible force behind it? If you think 'The Matrix' has no basis in real-life, think again! Satan is an enslavement program encasing mankind in an artificial reality. The highly controversial information contained within this book is supported by facts and crucial to understanding where we've come from, as well as where we're headed. Satan has its roots in the earliest recorded history, and persists to this day. The secret knowledge has been passed down through the ages, with only a select few in the know... UNTIL NOW! In this book be prepared to learn:

  • The real story of Satan and how it influences every aspect of our lives
  • The symbols of Satan and their prevalence throughout society
  • The reason why the ultra-rich and powerful, including those behind the New World Order, worship Satan
  • What Satan means to you!

Satan is a real phenomenon staring us in the face, we just don't know what we're looking at. We have been living in the dark for way too long, and time is running short. To understand the conspiracy behind all conspiracies, you MUST read this book. ISN'T IT TIME TO LEARN THE TRUTH??!!