My special guest tonight is author Rob Shelsky who's here to discuss theories about aliens occupying the moon. Get his book.


Is there a “No Trespassing” sign on the Moon? Have we been warned away from there by an alien intelligence? Is the Moon hiding a hollow core, one with an alien civilization? Do aliens take to hollowed out worlds out of a very real fear?


If anyone DID NOT BELIEVE our Moon might be hollow, it was UFO Investigator and Author, Rob Shelsky. However, after researching the facts, the author did something he rarely does. He made a complete about-face on his views regarding The Hollow Moon Theory! 


Just why did he do this? For a good reason: because the evidence to support the idea of our Moon being hollow was far greater than he had ever suspected and comes from a wide variety of scientific disciplines and sources. The Author discovered there is also a veritable avalanche of evidence for the existence of aliens being on or in a hollow Moon.


If you have ever wondered if the Moon might just be hollow, after reading this book, For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule The Sky, you will wonder no more. This book includes evidence for:


-- Recorded historical evidence for our Moon not always having been in our skies.

-- Discusses the truth of the Spaceship Moon Theory (Hollow Moon Theory).

-- Names the five main theories of our Moon’s origin and what’s wrong with them.

-- Shows evidence for not just one, but possibly two hollow moons!

-- Develops a new theory, that of the Diaspora of alien civilizations to the stars.

-- Bizarre physical oddities about our Moon.

-- Strange evidence for alien structures on the Moon.

-- Weird events show evidence for aliens in space, in our skies, and on the Moon.

-- Convincing evidence and arguments as to just why the Moon is hollow.

-- Documented account of aliens and our


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