My special guest tonight is Thomas Bauerle who's here to discuss his book about hauntings in Japan. Buy the book.

Kanashibari: A ghost that comes to people in their sleep and holds them down so they can’t move. Often, besides being held immobile, the victim of a kanashibari will also hear voices, and be approached by various spiritual entities. Discover the seriously scary side of one of the oldest cultures in the world in this brand new spectral-packed paranormal release from author Thomas Bauerle! Kanashibari- True Encounters with the supernatural In Japan. If you are curious about the afterlife, you will find this book intriguing. You’ve read about poltergeists? You know about the Enfield Haunting? You know about Amityville? But what do you know about the ghosts of Japan? Thomas Bauerle provides us with story after terrifying story of true encounters with Japanese ghosts, spirits, poltergeist, and other scary phenomena including his own creepy experiences with the supernatural in his adopted home - Japan. Some of the events described in this book are so terrifying that they may live with you for several days. But if you are serious about educating yourself about the paranormal—this book has to be on your list. Let me ask you this. Do you want to experience real chills rolling down your spine? Yes? Then download your copy of Kanashibari – True Encounters With the Supernatural of Japan right now. And remember… only the strong survive…Includes Chapters on Gaijin and ghosts, Kanashibari, Japanese Seers, Japanese Ghostbusters, Family ghost encounters, haunted places in Japan, Kokkurisan, and ghostly footprints……Excerpts - We began to hear the sound of someone moving around upstairs when there was no one there. The sound of walking and furniture being moved. My body, arms, and legs couldn't move! And I couldn't breathe! And I had no voice to speak! A Zahiki-Warashi is a ghost that looks like a young child and inhabits your house. If you treat it kindly, it will bring good fortune to you and your household.

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