My special guests tonight are Steve Sayre, Garrett Sayre and Kelsey Bohlen here to discuss their new must-see documentary called Ghosts and The Afterlife. Watch the Documentary.


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This is a story idea based on the recently released hit docufilm "Ghosts and the Afterlife: A Scientific Investigation," which is the first truly scientific investigation into ghosts and life after death. 


“Ghosts and the Afterlife” has been on and off the best-seller lists of Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, and Walmart since its release a few months ago and was voted the Best Documentary Film of 2022 at the TZIFF Film Festival.


Director and Producers

The film’s producer and director, Steve Sayre, is a former top-secret operative for U.S. Army intelligence and was selected for Air Force nuclear missile launch. Steve has died twice on the operating room table after a serious military injury, which makes him quite familiar with the topic of life after death from a personal perspective.


The project’s executive producer, Garrett Sayre, is a former top-secret intelligence officer for the United States Navy who completed 12 years of research into the field of inter-dimensional communications and life-after-death experiences in order to create this motion picture. 


Experts and Cast

“Ghosts and the Afterlife” features James Van Praagh (creator and executive producer of “Ghost Whisperer”), Dr. Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Vernon Sylvest, M.D. (pathologist), Dr. Kenneth Rose (Harvard Ph.D. in philosophy and world religions), Psychics Eddie Conner, Reverend Justin Terry and Reverend F. Reed Brown, Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, M.D. (Harvard Professor and researcher into the phenomena of life-after-death experiences and spiritual healing), Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Captain Frederick “Skip” Atwater (the Operations Officer in charge of the top-secret military StarGate program that investigated consciousness beyond the physical mind) and many others. 


The program is narrated on-camera by Kelsey Bohlen with special guest appearances by Jay Thomas, Emmy-award-winning performer best known for Cheers, Mr. Holland's Opus, and Dragonfly. "Ghosts and the Afterlife" was Jay’s last film project. 



The film’s trailer can be seen at:


A few recent reviews:

“The interviews are excellent, and Bohlen is a good host. Thanks to its focus on science, Sayre makes the most compelling case yet for the afterlife…” -Bobby LePire (Film Threat)


“Kelsey Bohlen narrates Steve Sayre’s engaging, intriguing, informative, insightful, 72-minute documentary…” -Wendy Schadewald (syndicated columnist)


“If you are a fan of paranormal activities discussions, this is going to be a very interesting documentary for you.” -Darren Lucas (Movie Reviews 101)



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