Tonight, my special guest is here to discuss the latest and most fascinating UFO sightings from around the country.




Historical UFO Sightings:

20th century[edit]1909–1948[edit]DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSources1909Mystery airshipsOtagoNew ZealandStrange moving lights and some solid bodies in the sky were seen around Otago and elsewhere in New Zealand, and were reported to newspapers.[18][19]1917-08-13, 09-13, 10-13Miracle of the SunFátima, Santarém DistrictPortugalThousands of people observed the sun gyrate and descend. This was later reinterpreted by Jacques Vallée, Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada as a possible UFO sighting, but not recognized as such due to cultural differences.[20][21][22]1940sFoo fightersOver World War IItheatersSmall metallic spheres and colorful balls of light repeatedly spotted and occasionally photographed worldwide by bomber crews during World War II.[23][24]1941Cape Girardeau UFO crashCape Girardeau, MissouriUnited StatesFirst responders and a Baptist minister allegedly view crashed spacecraft and bodies. Published in 1991 based on the minister's surviving grandchild.[25][26][27]1942-02-24Battle of Los AngelesLos Angeles, CaliforniaUnited StatesUnidentified aerial objects trigger the firing of thousands of anti-aircraft rounds and raise the wartime alert status.[28]1946The Ghost RocketsMostly in Scandinavia, but also other European countriesNumerous UFO sightings were reported over Scandinavia, causing the Swedish Defense Staff to express concern.[29]1946-05-18UFO-Memorial ÄngelholmÄngelholm, Kristianstads CountySwedenGösta Karlsson reports seeing a flying saucer and its alien passengers. A model of it is now erected at the site. The case was publicly reported in 1995.[30][31]1947-06-21Maury Island incidentPuget Soundnear Maury Island, WashingtonUnited StatesHarold A. Dahl reported that his dog was killed and his son was injured by debris in an encounter with four to six flying doughnut-shaped objects. He also claimed that a witness was subsequently threatened by the Men in Black. The case was first reported to Kenneth Arnold in mid-July, about three weeks after it allegedly took place.[32]1947-06-24Kenneth Arnold UFO sightingNorth of Mount Rainier, WashingtonUnited StatesThe UFO sighting that sparked the name flying saucers. This sighting is considered as the start of the "Modern UFO era".[33][34]1947-06/071947 UFO sightingsmostly WashingtonUnited StatesSeveral UFO sightings reported after the sighting of Kenneth Arnold.[33]1947-07-04Flight 105 UFO sightingBetween Boise and SeattleUnited StatesUnited Airline crew witnesses nine unidentified objects.[35]1947-07-08The Roswell Incidentabout 30 mi north of Roswell, New MexicoUnited StatesUnited States Army Air Forces announced the "capture" of a "flying saucer". Hours later, the Army announced that the find was a crashed weather balloon. In 1978, the case regained attention after Army Officer Jesse Marcel told UFO researchers that the weather balloon explanation was a cover story.[36][37]1948The Green FireballsUnited StatesObjects were reported over several United States military bases; an official investigation followed.[38][39]1948-01-07Thomas MantellKentuckyUnited StatesUS Air Force sent a fighter pilot to investigate a UFO sighting over Fort Knox, Kentucky; his aircraft crashed and the pilot was killed while pursuing the UFO.[40]1948-03-25Aztec, New Mexico, UFO incidentNew MexicoUnited StatesAn alleged retrieval of a grounded UFO and its occupants from a plateau in New Mexico.[41]1948-07-24Chiles-Whitted UFO encounterAlabamaUnited StatesChiles and Whitted, American commercial pilots, reported that their airplane had nearly collided with a UFO.[42]1948-10-01Gorman dogfightNorth DakotaUnited StatesA US Air Force pilot sighted and pursued a UFO for 27 minutes over Fargo, North Dakota.





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