My special guest is author Joe Hehn who's here to discuss his amazing spiritual journey after losing his wife shortly after their wedding. Get his book Dreams of Antiquity: The Awakening on Amazon



If you have endured a significant loss, this story is for you. Grief is a labyrinth of emotion and that's why, Dreams of Antiquity: The Awakening, helps the reader feel like they're not alone in their own journey as author, Joe Hehn, guides them through a soulful quest of healing, growth, and spiritual realization. Dreams of Antiquity: The Awakening, the first installation in the fictional series, is a stirring, deeply emotional, and adventurous tale of one man’s transformative quest through multiple incarnations while being guided by a soulful bond.

Gracien, the King of Babylonia, faces tragedy with the loss of his Beloved, Queen Ayadonna. Delirious and devastated, Gracien perishes under the anguish of grief, but his soul is reborn into a new time period, culture, and body – all the while recalling his past lives with vivid detail.

When faced with mystical guidance, vibrant memories, and lucid dreams, the former King wonders if he’s losing his grip on reality or being guided by his Beloved Aya.

Join Gracien’s adventure through time as he is cast from the kingdom of Babylonia into the embrace of an Aboriginal tribe, where a mystical shamaness tries guiding him towards a path of healing.

It isn’t long before he finds himself enduring the perils of Egyptian pyramids and bazaars while trying to hold it together for his orphaned family.

Gracien then finds his soul trekking the mountain tops of Nepal in search of a secret sanctuary and its Buddhist sage.

His adventure culminates as he traverses the marvels of Beijing while balancing the burden of a kung fu discipleship and the dangers of forbidden love.

Through insurmountable challenges and emotional triumphs, Gracien begins discovering the true meaning of love, the power of the human spirit, and the eternal nature of the soul.

But will his and Aya’s love be strong enough to save him as he journeys through one thrilling incarnation after another – or is he meant to endure an eternity of hopeless rebirths?

A note from the Author…

Hey there friend – my name is Joe Hehn and this beautiful tale is inspired by my own. Three days after my wife passed away, I received a message from her. I know this may sound insane to most people, so imagine how I felt experiencing it. My analytical mind dismissed it immediately but thank the Heavens I listened to my grieving heart instead. Her first message was rather stirring: “Jessica wants you to tell a story, to write a book.”

It’s hard enough winning an argument with your wife when she’s right next to you… imagine my struggle!

But yes, eventually I committed to writing that book – it only took 7 years, 40 countries, and what felt like lifetimes of immense mental, emotional & spiritual growth.

My goal with this epic tale is to have you experience my journey: my pain and my suffering, yes – but more importantly, my love, my faith, and my metaphysical crusade.

For seven years I toured the world trying to make sense of my plight. I volunteered with kids, women, and some very cute monkeys. I experienced adventures unlike anything I’ve ever even heard of, I got lost a lot, and like any good adventure – I found myself facing quite a bit of danger. And my late wife guided me every step of the way – it’s still crazy saying that out loud but it’s my truth and it emboldens my experience.

Dreams of Antiquity is a fictional story of course but it’s inspired by my soulful quest for healing, realization, understanding and evolution so thank you for coming this far. I’m beyond appreciative to you for giving it a read.

With sincere gratitude,

Joe Hehn


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