My special guest is author Alex Marcoux here to discuss her new book about humanity ascending to another plan of existence. Get her book Destination New Earth - A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness on Amazon.


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Are you waiting for an “event” to catapult you to the New Earth? Do you wish you could wiggle your nose and ascend to the fifth dimension? What if the New Earth is here, but you need to shift your perspective to experience it? What if “all this” is a game to see if you awaken to the Truth about who you are?

Destination New Earth will help you:

  • Access the New Earth and strengthen your 5D shift
  • Heal when learning Truths hidden from humanity
  • Realize how important you are in this ascension
  • Discover your spiritual blueprint and claim your sovereignty
  • Awaken to the Truth about who you are
  • Understand the biggest misconception of all times—autism

Award-winning author Alex Marcoux and a dynamic trio have teamed up to share messages from Mother Mary, higher dimensional beings, and Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, on humanity’s spiritual evolution. Through their messages, you will discover each person has a unique role in this consciousness shift.

When you awaken to your unique role, you become part of a much larger plan to assist humanity in a planetary shift in consciousness. It is time to awaken, realize who you are, and claim your sovereignty.

★★★★★“Refreshing! A bold look at the unfolding shift of consciousness. Neither a conspiracy theory nor an attempt to discredit organized religion. A sincere attempt to answer pressing spiritual questions, offering practical guidance for those seeking spiritual Truth.” —Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review

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