My special guest tonight is prosecutor Larry Sells and author Margie Porter who's here to discuss one of Indian's most vicious serial killers from their new book Beast of New Castle: The Heart-Pounding Battle to Stop a Savage Killer.


The terrifying life of a rampaging Indiana killer is vividly chronicled in this true crime book by the co-authors of Race to Justice.


Maybe the youngest son of a violent criminal named Hoggy Thompson was born a beast. Maybe rage was beaten into him. One thing was certain, by the time he reached manhood, Jerry Thompson was a savage killer. He had no conscience about rape, child molestation, or thrashing a dozen men in a prison fight. Once he got his hands on a gun, any target would do. He didn't leave witnesses.


When he terrorized an entire courtroom and threatened to rip deputy prosecutor Larry Sells apart, people wondered if there would ever be a way to stop his viciousness. In Beast of New Castle, Sells and co-author Margie Porter take a deep dive into the life and crimes of this unrelenting violent offender, and the desperate quest by law enforcement to stop him for good.



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