From the archives is my special guest Trudy Smith here to discuss a man who decided to annihilate his family on Christmas.




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A tragic story of mass murder on Christmas Day 1929. This book was the first book written by Trudy J. Smith about the Charlie Lawson murders. It was followed in 2006 by another book on the subject by Trudy J. Smith entitled The Meaning of Our Tears. This first small paper back version has remained sought after for 25 years. On the Anniversary of its first publication, Trudy J. Smith has agreed to allow this special 25th Anniversary Edition to be published due to popular demand. This new edition of the famous book will come to you signed inside by the remaining living author, Trudy J. Smith. And the book and its sleeve with come with a clear protective plastic covering. It is a beautiful, artistically redesigned version of the original cover with special gold foil accents, but also has the addition of a matching sleeve that shows the inscription on the tombstone of the mass family grave: "Not now but in the coming years, It will be in another land, We'll read the meaning of our tears, And sometime we'll understand." An Original Reviews of White Christmas Bloody Christmas from 1990... "From the decade of the 20's, its secret etched in stone, the past has come alive through the efforts of authors M. Bruce Jones and Trudy J. Smith... straightforward... dramatic... realistic... carefully researched... interesting reading..." - The Sanford Herald, Sanford NC