Tonight, my special guest is Michael Brein returning to discuss his book The Road To Strange: UFO's, Aliens and High Strangeness.


Are aliens among us?


In this collection, “The Road to Strange” takes you straight into the heart of one of humanity’s biggest mysteries: the alien presence on Earth.


Open the pages to more than 40 compelling eyewitness accounts, many never-before published, attesting to personal encounters with alien beings and their craft. The stories come from all over the world and from witnesses in all walks of life – people just like you. Every story is followed by an insightful commentary that explores our involvement with alien beings – and why.


Read about:

•Close encounters with craft that defy explanations

•Face-to-face experiences with aliens, including abductions

•The hybrid human-alien presence on Earth

•Men In Black, missing time, time slips and crop circles


Co-authors Michael Brein, “The Travel Psychologist,” and Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of more than 65 books on the mysterious and strange, combine their expertise to break new ground in extraordinary experiences. They are co-authors of "The Road to Strange: Travel Tales of the Paranormal and Beyond."