My special guests tonight are paranormal investigators Joey and Tonya Madia who spent two year investigating what's believed to be the most haunted library in North Carolina.



Welcome to a library where the ghosts aren’t in the books – they are right next to you in the halls and rooms, looking over your shoulder as you pick a title from a shelf. This is the Earle W. Webb Jr. Memorial Library, built on haunted ground with a legacy of pirates and German U-boats, and is jam-packed with spirits.


Join veteran paranormal investigators Joey and Tonya Madia as they take you on a mind-bending tour of every shadowy corner of the library and its spooky and colorful spectral residents who do not hesitate to let visitors know they are around. 

The Madias present a textbook case for how to conduct a paranormal investigation, involving observation, equipment, psychic mediumship and historical research.

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