Tonight, my special guest is paranormal investigator Richard Palmisano who's here to discuss some of his investigations into hauntings that occurs in Canada. 





This is a list of locations in Canada which are reported to be haunted. Many have been featured by television programs such as Creepy Canada, The Girly Ghosthunters and Mystery Hunters. It is in alphabetical order by province or territory, then by the name of the location.


Alberta[edit]Banff Springs HotelHotel Macdonald

  • Banff Springs Hotel in Banff National Park is a reported location of multiple hauntings, including the ghosts of a young bride and a bellman.[1][2][3][4]
  • The Bowman Arts Centre in Lethbridge is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a young Chinese girl who was beaten to death in the women's restroom after being mistaken for a boy in traditional Chinese attire.[1]
  • The now-decommissioned Charles Camsell Hospital is regarded as one of Alberta's most haunted buildings. A former Jesuit College turned tuberculosis sanatorium, it was visited by the group Paranormal Explorers in 2005.[5]
  • Deane House in Calgary is reportedly haunted. It was built in 1906, and served as the official residence of Richard Burton Deane, the Superintendent of the Royal North West Mounted Police.[1][2] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • The Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre is a palliative care centre that is speculated to be a site of multiple hauntings.[5][2]
  • The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton is reported to be haunted, including a spectral horse that was dropped dead during the 1914 pouring of the building's foundation.[5]
  • The Firkins House of Fort Edmonton Park is considered to be the home of a ventriloquist doll that suddenly materializes in cupboards, as well as a spectral small boy.[5] It was featured on Creepy Canada.

Frank Slide area when it occurred in 1903Lower reaches of the Frank Slide in 2012

  • Frank Slide in Crowsnest Pass was the site of a massive rockslide in 1903 that claimed 76 lives. Several of their bodies were never recovered.[1][2]
  • The old Grace Hospital in Calgary is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a woman named Maudine Riley, who died in childbirth, and whose family was believed to own the land when the hospital was being constructed. The hospital is still in operation.[1]
  • La Bohème Restaurant Bed and Breakfast in Edmonton. According to some employees, it is haunted by the spirit of a former owner's wife who was murdered in a jealous rage.[5]
  • McKay Avenue School in downtown Edmonton is a museum that previously served as a school. It was the scene of the first two legislative sessions of the province. One particular entity is the spirit of a worker who perished in a fall during the construction of the building.[5]
  • The old Princess Theatre in Edmonton is claimed to be haunted by a spectral bride who committed suicide by hanging in the 1920s after being cast off by her loved one.[5]
  • Strathcona Museum and Archives is a former RCMP detachment that is considered to be haunted.[5]
  • The abandoned Taber Hospital in Taber.[1]
  • Walterdale Playhouse in the district of Old Strathcona, Edmonton is reportedly haunted, most notably by the ghost of "Walt," who was an old volunteer firefighter.[5][6]

British Columbia[edit]Empress HotelHatley Castle

  • British Columbia Penitentiary in New Westminster. The former penitentiary was active for 102 years, until decommissioned during the 1980s. Little of the building's remnants are left, save for the Boot Hill graveyard.
  • Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria. This historic mansion was constructed in the late 1800s as a family residence for the wealthy Scottish coal baron Robert Dunsmuir and his wife Joan. Robert died in April 1889, 17 months before construction on the castle was completed, and his sons Alexander and James took over the role of finishing the castle. Ghost sightings have been reported at this location.[7][4]
  • The Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria. One of the oldest hotels in the British Columbian capital, it was designed by Francis Rattenbury and opened in 1908. Undergoing two expansions (the first was in 1910-1912 and the second was in 1928), it welcomed several prominent personalities such as kings, queens, and movie personalities of the 1900s. However, the existence of multiple paranormal activities is possible, most notably the ghosts of the hotel's designer (who was murdered in 1935), a maid on the 6th floor, and a construction worker who killed himself.[7]
  • The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in Downtown Vancouver. Opened in 1939, it is touted as one of Canada's grand railway hotels. It is allegedly haunted by a "lady in red", which is also said by believers to be the ghost of a Vancouver socialite named Jennie Pearl Cox.[7]
  • Hatley Castle in Colwood. This castle, now home to the public Royal Roads University, is considered to be haunted by a parlor maid named Annabelle, and James Dunsmuir's son, James Dunsmuir, Jr.[7][8] It was featured by Creepy Canada.
  • 3337 William street , a house in vancouver in neighberhood of rupert street is rumoured that a man killed his wife in that house in 1989 and the wifes spirit resides in a rocking chair [7]
  • New Westminster Secondary School in New Westminster. One of the largest high schools in British Columbia, it witnessed the drowning of a boy in the basement pool in the early 1970s. That boy is claimed to haunt the high school.[7]
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory in the historic district of Gastown, Vancouver, is claimed to be haunted. Most notable is a phantom tram conductor that supposedly appears in an old trolley within the restaurant.[7]

Tranquille Sanatorium in 1920