Tonight, my special guest is author and researcher Heidi Hollis who's here to discuss The Hat Man and how she was the first researcher to discover such an entity. Heidi was also the first researcher to coin paranormal phenomena known as the "shadow people" which she has since trademarked. Get Heidi's book The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters on Amazon.





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“Have you seen this man?” It was a simple image and question posted online that sparked a worldwide awareness that—HE IS REAL! From the author who discovered him and told you about The Shadow People—now learn of the new THREAT!


Victims worldwide have reported seeing this man peering into their homes, their bedrooms, their cribs, their cars, their lives and even—into their souls!


It starts with the feeling of not being alone, only to look to the foot of your bed and find that you are right. There’s a stranger in your room and you KNOW that you see him, worst of all, you KNOW that he sees you, too!


You try to scream or run, only to find that you are paralyzed!


Terror then reaches new levels as he approaches you, leans within inches of your face and lets you know that he is indeed—your worst nightmare!


This is the true story of the beginning of unthinkable horror that you have never heard of before! 


Not many authors can say that they named two paranormal realities like Heidi Hollis! With her personal story and almost 50 encounters detailed inside this book, you’ll soon find that darkness can hide, but the light always wins!


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