My special guest tonight is Rob Shelsky who's here to talk about a worldwide empire that existed before the dawn of our civilization.


Ancient Aliens -- did a worldwide empire, Megalithia, once exist at the dawn of civilization? Who were these aliens? Why were they here? Was the Earth a colony existing for the good of the "mother country?" Were humans created by aliens as a perpetual slave race? This is the first book to take all the information on Ancient Aliens, put it together, and find answers. And the answers may astonish you! The authors, using the available evidence, promote new theories regarding Ancient Aliens. They cite evidence to bolster these theories. Among the questions they try to answer are: -- Were aliens responsible for the Great Flood? -- Was the Younger Dryas Period, the "Big Freeze," in reality a nuclear winter? -- Were the aliens responsible for the extinction of the mega-fauna of the late Ice Age? -- Did aliens use Earth as if they were a colonial power? -- Did humans rebel against their alien masters? -- Was there a nuclear war at the dawn of civilization? -- Was the Empire of Megalithia responsible for all the megalithic monuments we find around the world today? -- Were the Ancient Aliens exercising brutal population control over humanity? Ancient Alien Empire Megalithia, draws on available evidence to recreate the type of government, economy, social order, technology, and even geography of Megalithia, the first evil empire on Earth. It recounts the rise and fall of that Empire. Authors Rob Shelsky and George Kempland have finally done what has been needed doing for a long time. They are the first to put all the information of Ancient Aliens together, create a remarkable new synthesis that explains much, and then they find solutions with exciting new theories. The authors back their theories with evidence from a variety of intriguing sources.

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