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Mysterious Radio is the place to go for mind-expanding, thought-provoking content at its finest. We are dedicated to exploring the mysteries of this world and taking our listeners on a journey to uncover shocking revelations with top scientists, best selling authors and renowned journalists. Our top rated podcast provides exceptional analysis of extraordinary events, ancient history, supernatural places, true crime, UFO contact and unexplained phenomena - making us one of the leading sources for uncovering never before heard information. By staying true to our mission statement – To inform and empower people through knowledge – we strive everyday toward a vision that seeks mental enlightenment for all who seek it receiving millions of downloads yearly. Are you ready? 

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Host, Producer.

K-Town is a truth seeker and passionate explorer of the unknown. A proud military veteran of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Uphold Democracy, K-Town seeks to uncover the mysteries of the world with an inquisitive mind and open heart. Never shying away from the strange or peculiar, K-Town loves to discuss weird and unexplained aspects of our reality. Her fascination has driven her to pursue her own podcasting project, where she delves into far-reaching topics with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Kim K.


Kim has always been an inquisitive individual with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Her passion for exploration and discovery leads her on a never-ending journey of uncovering the unknown. She has experienced many strange events throughout her life, but this only serves to fuel her eagerness to learn more.

Kim is a published author and personal image consultant, but in her free time she loves producing podcasts and discovering amazing topics to explore further. Her wide range of interests make Kim truly unique; she is curious, bold, and most of all determined to keep learning as much as she can.

Krystin B.

Associate Producer.

Krystin is an intrepid traveler and curious soul who loves exploring the world and discovering little known facts. She has a special connection to Japan and has journeyed there multiple times, even taking a trek to the infamous suicide forest. Her interests in unexplained events led her to become an avid podcast listener, where she uses her keen research skills to uncover hidden truths. Krystin's insatiable appetite for knowledge lies at the core of her pursuits both home and abroad as she dives into unknown lands and unravels mysteries.

Ari K.

Associate Producer.

Ari is a passionate Bigfoot enthusiast who's seen a lot of unusual things in his previous neighborhood. He has an amazing grasp on the animal kingdom and its natural habitats, along with an avid interest in the biology of different creatures. His enthusiasm for the mysterious and unknown runs deep, evidenced by his love of dinosaurs, cryptozoology, and even paleontology. With such an intense curiosity about life on our planet, it comes as no surprise that he dreams of someday becoming an animal conservationist or paleontologist.


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